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I love to capture emotions and memories, to create photographs which tell s t o r i e s

There's nothing comparable that fills me with more enthusiasm and glee than capturing your memories for you.

Images which will evoke a range of emotions, f e e l i n g s, from the first moment you receive them, continuing for years into the future.

M y   a p p r o a c h : 

My style of photography is described as a combination of documentary and fine art with a stylish flair using natural light to produce soft and light images.  

I specialise in capturing natural and authentic moments, using my artistic vision to subtly guide and style you to help you look and feel your most comfortable and beautiful. I want you to have f u n, to feel at ease, to feel romance and to feel beautifully confident!

I pride myself on acting as your discreet and steady anchor, ensuring that you have the best wedding photography experience as possible so that you e n j o y your wedding!

B e h i n d   T h e   L e n s :

I am a photographer based in London, fortunate enough to have experienced life as an international third culture individual.

I am an open, curious and dedicated lady filled with an unrelenting passion for capturing timeless images of couples and families in love!


In addition to creating photographs, I love travelling, good cinema and books, spending quality time with remarkable human beings, being an expert taster of French cuisine created by my husband Jérôme and - I hold the crowning title of being able to accurately recite all the lines from Friends! 

If you would like more information about my photography services or to discuss your photography vision for your wedding or portrait session, please get in touch by clicking here. I'd love to hear from you! 

Image by Imogen Thoburn

P h o t o g r a p h s

F e e l s

w h i c h

g i v e

y o u

t h e 

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